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Teaching Philosophy


Our first teaching and learning pillar is built around fun. We believe elementary school should be a fun and positive experience. We want our students to want to come to school and we want our parents to want to send their children to our school. To accomplish this, we believe that relationships are the key to every classroom. We want our bonds between teachers and students to be so strong that students will perform any task simply because it was their teacher that asked them to do it. We will provide hands-on learning experiences, field trips, national school days of play, assemblies, and much more to make our school a vibrant and unique place to be! 


The second pillar is built around academics. We want our students to grow academically and soar to heights they never thought possible. We want them to have the feeling of success and the gratification that goes along with accomplishing something challenging. Our staff creates unique learning experiences by collaborating with others and investigating material that generates curiosity.


The third pillar is built around citizenship. Above all, we want our students to become incredible community citizens.  There isn't a skill more valuable than learning to be kind, polite, and gratuitous. Our future Eagles will be leading us into the next generation and that future will be full of hard-working and caring individuals.